MANGIONE CONSULTING UG Company works in the field of designing and manufacturing compressor equipment and parts that are used in petroleum-refining, gas and chemical industry. We develop and supply compressor parts from A to Z: non -return valves, suction and pressure valves, membranes, piston rings, springs, as well as piston rod seals, filters etc.


    Thanks to our own development office where we have high class specialists, we can make individual calculations for nods and compressor group parts needed. At the same time client’s wishes and working conditions of equipment are considered (for example environmental aggressiveness and technological features).


    It is important to mention that calculations and designs are made for new equipment as well as for equipment already in use, independent from manufacturer. This allows to significantly decrease manufacturing expenditures.




    When manufacturing our product we use only special high quality materials, newest technology and we give an 8000 working hours warranty. Our employees are professionals with big experience.



    For inquiries, please use our form.

    We offer precise technology and big experience. Prices and delivery speed will be a pleasant surprise for you.