Non-return valves that are offered by MANGIONE CONSULTING UG Company are a high class product from compressor and non-return valves and parts manufacturer with perennial work experience. We guarantee a high level of reliability and quality of materials used. Non-return valves valves with or without body work in the same way as compressor’s work valves do but they have an advantage of being able to be used with oscillating as well as constant flow. Vacuum and delivery valves are go together with piston compressors, circulatory and vacuum pumps, main gas and pipelines.


    These valves are used for compressor and pipelines with great success both in low and high pressure zones. We offer valves of different execution: with use of standard and special metal types, polymers, plastic and other special materials. Additionally, according to client’s wishes we offer different types of units: for example inches or millimetres.


    It is impossible to underestimate the value of correct calculations and choice of optimal material for the valve. That is why our specialists work with full responsibility on solving the problems at hand.”High quality and constant development”- that is our motto. And you are always welcome at our project office with your wishes, and the employees are always ready to find the best solution for your project.


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    We offer precise technology and big experience. Prices and delivery speed will be a pleasant surprise for you.