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We present to you the product line of industrial electric motors

According to statistics, above 70% of produced electrical power is used in industry. The amount of electrical equipment at enterprises is tremendous. Among the whole variety of industrial electrical equipment, electric motors are at the top. Although those machines seem commonplace and, at first glance, simple, no industry would be complete without them.

Machines and assembly lines, mills and trolleys, drills and pumps – all this moves, rotates, pumps and works only with the help of electric motors. Having put together long-term experience of the best representatives of engineering, as well as implemented new production technologies with modern marketing and sales methods, Mangione Consulting proudly presents the new product line of industrial electric motors. A multitude of mining, energy, chemical, oil and gas, and metallurgy industries equip their production lines with motors that Mangione Consulting supplies.

Our engineers have unique expertise in creating explosion-proof electric motors for coal mining, oil and gas, and chemical industries.

General-purpose and explosion-proof, synchronous and induction motors, AC and DC electric motors, generators in a vast variety of modifications: all this Mangione Consulting offers to our partners. All products are certified and meet international standards.

Our service centers provide quick warranty and post-warranty service, maintenance, and consultations with highly qualified specialists. We work for people who value high reliability and quality service. We thank our regular customers for their everlasting interest in our products and invite new partners to co-operation.