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We offer wide variety of compressor seals, including fixed and gland rod seals with different technical execution. When using our seals you will not only increase compressor’s performance but also:

• Greatly decrease levels of friction and equipment wear
• Save money because of decreased oil consumption
• Seals can be used in different kinds of compressors

MANGIONE CONSULTING UG Seals mean increased reliability and lifespan of your equipment.

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We offer precise technology and big experience. Prices and delivery speed will be a pleasant surprise for you.


MANGIONE CONSULTING UG offers great variety of piston and guide rings. Thanks to wide variety of materials used we offer different types of constructions to be used in horizontal, standing and V-shaped cylinders.

Offered piston and guide rings are used in many branches.

They are suitable for any technical gas, including oxygen.

Each of rings is properly inspected by modern techniques to ensure material and dimensional accuracy for the best results of high compression.

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We offer precise technology and big experience. Prices and delivery speed will be a pleasant surprise for you.

We offer a full range of companies Lange Consulting / LANGE CONSULTING and KST Tittes / KST Tittes: original valves, spare parts, as well as original valve components for compressors manufactured by NPO Frunze:

2 GM 2,5-2/31-51С,
4 BM 16-22,4/23-64,
2 GM 10-12/7-26С,
4 GM 10-55/71,
2 GM 2,5-4/33-41С,
2 GM 16-55/15,3-25,4,
4 GM 16-100/200М1,
4 GM 16-61/7-26С,
2 GM 16-32/35-50С
4 GM 10-48/2-57С
4 GM 16-45/35-55С
2 GM 10-11/21-37,5С
2 GM 10-156/13,6-23,3С

Direct-flow PIK Valve Plates

We offer high quality plates for direct-flow PIK valves.

We also provide certificates of quality. Our PIK plates are made from highly durable European spring steel.


Springs and plates

We offer manufacturing of springs and plates of any configuration for any equipment and machinery, regardless of the country of origin.

Modern materials for the manufacturing of the springs are selected and calculated individually for each customer.

This ensures a longer service life of both the products and equipment of our customers.

For our valve plates and springs:

- During the manufacturing process we only use special best quality materials and the latest technology.

- Selection and manufacturing of custom springs and plates, based on samples, drafts or custom parameters.

- Springs and valve plates of any configuration and high complexity.

- All products go through a multistage control.

- Premium German quality, certified.

- Polymer valve plates PEEK / PEEK black, PEEK1000, PEEK Natural.

- We manufacture valve, damper and spring plates from high quality materials.


Membrane actuators

Description of the functioning of the membrane actuator.

Membrane heads (it is more correct to use the word “actuators”) are intended for use in the unloading systems to reduce the productivity of the cylinders of reciprocating compressors. This is done by the direct effect of the membrane actuator’s rod on the suction valve’s plug, which in turn, moves and detaches the working plate or the valve’s plates from their seat.

We offer membrane actuators in two versions, which differ in the way they are started up:

1. Membrane actuator with pneumatic actuation (direct action).

In this version, when applying pneumatic force through the opening "A" the membrane support moves with the rod facing downwards, which makes the spring compress.
The rod moves the plug of the suction valve, which detaches the valve’s plate from the seat and presses it against the limiter.
As a result, the valve remains open for the duration of the pneumatic supply and the compressor’s cylinder unloads. To switch the compressor’s cylinder to full load mode, the pneumatic force is turned off and the spring returns the actuation mechanism to its original position.

2. Membrane actuator with spring actuation (reverse action).

This version differs from the previous one in that the compressor’s cylinder switches to idle speed when the pneumatic power supply is turned off, since the pressure spring in the initial position moves the membrane support with the rod facing downwards by pressing on the valve’s plug. Accordingly, the suction valve remains open.
To fully load the compressor’s cylinder it is necessary to supply the pneumatic power through an opening into the cavity of the membrane drive.
The pressure moves the membrane support with the rod facing upwards. Accordingly, the spring will compress.
As a result, the membrane actuator’s rod loses contact with the valve’s plug and the suction valve closes.
The application of this particular model of the membrane actuator depends on the protective characteristics of the compressor.
These two types of membrane actuators are mounted onto the valve covers of the cylinders with a flange connection with four bolts.
A special opening in the actuator’s base serves to divert leaks (ventilation) of the compressor’s gas.