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Engineering Services

Thanks to our own development office where we have high class specialists, we can make individual calculations for nods and compressor group parts needed. It is important to mention that calculations and designs are made for new equipment as well as for equipment already in use, independent from manufacturer. This allows to significantly decrease manufacturing expenditures.

Thermodynamic and fluid mechanics constructions calculation for one – or multi-stage reciproating compressors:

• By pressure till 500 bar
• For all technical gases incl gasmix from till 40 pure gas
• Inclusive pipelines and fittings
• Inclusive measurement and control technical reference
• In compliance with the international manufacturing and material specifications
• Calculation for compressors already in use.
• Calculation for pipelines, fittings and pressure tanks. Calculation for proportional - and full lift safety valve.

Our unique Software

Our special software is a unique development created by high class professionals dealing with compressor construction and design. To design valves, we simulate their operation in compressor cylinders.

The mathematical model of our software describes the dynamics of a system with a unit mass moving under the action of gas and elastic forces of springs elements, and is based on the equations of gas state, thermodynamics of variable masses, instant gas flow rates, gas dynamics and the dynamics of locking elements (valve plates).

This model allows:

- to calculate optimal gas-dynamic characteristics depending on the shape of the flow part and the height of the valve plates;

- to describe the dynamics of the movement of the locking elements, based on the actual stiffness of the springs, the mass of the moving elements and the frequency of rotation of the crankshaft;

- to determine the loss of pressure and power, taking into account the type of compressible gas, the degree of pressure increase in the cylinders and the speed of movement of the piston.

The results of these calculations are displayed in tabular and graphical views, which clearly show the processes occurring in the valves during compressor operation.

The graphs show the relative values of the pressure drop and the height of the lifting plates, as well as the estimated speed of movement of the valve locking elements depending on the angle of rotation of the crankshaft.